Boutique Financial Services

Founded in 2008, Legacy provides boutique financial consulting, with a specialisation in corporate solutions. With over a decade’s worth of experience under their belt, the team services a diverse clientele of companies ranging from start-ups, small-medium enterprises to multinational corporations, and help to take care of a total of more than ten thousand employees and still counting.

  • At Legacy, we understand that every company has unique needs. That's why we offer tailored solutions to help ensure your needs and risks are covered.

  • We offer one stop solution & our expertise include:
    • Reviewing & structuring the right Employee Benefits plan
    • Execution of Employee Engagements & Wellness Events
    • Structuring of Flexible Benefits program
    • Advisory on Commercial General Insurances
    • Global pooling arrangement
    • Others HR related support services

  • Our team of corporate specialists have established relationships with reputable partners & insurers in Singapore and in the region, allowing us to offer the best negotiated rates and terms for clients.


02 Empowering

we provide you with curated and effective mentorship to help you actualise your powers and aptitudes.

01 Limitless

We strongly believe in the boundless potential that exists in every human being.

06 You Matter

We see you; we hear you, and we value you. Legacy appreciates your contributions and rewards good work.

05 Communication

We aim to establish a culture of understanding within the team and see this to be the linchpin for effective and efficient teamwork.

04 Abundance

We seek to create the same abundance for you in your endeavours with us. Always fruitful, and always multiply.

03 Growth

We encourage a growth mindset in our team, where we value the importance of experiential learning.

02 Empowering

We provide you with curated and effective mentorship to help you actualise your powers and aptitudes.

Core Values


We aim to raise a generation of consultants with the competency and creativity to value-add to companies with Legacy unique solutions. This is achieved through a company culture of dynamism, trust and the strength of effective communication and teamwork.


We are a team of Corporate Solutions Specialists who endeavour to leave a legacy in the areas of Employee Benefits, Corporate Risk Management & Employee Engagement Programs.


"Things you never imagined you could, we make it happen."

Ricky Peh

Financial Services Director Bachelor's degree Computer and Information Sciences and Support Services more

"Things you never imagined you could, we make it happen."

  • Legacy Employee

    Benefits Specialist
  • Legacy Manager

Our inter-generational team of experienced professionals includes people from all walks of life, to allow us to take a multi-dimensional perspective in our solutions. With our Corporate Solution Specialty; this forms Legacy unique advantage over all our competition.

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We strongly believe in nurturing the next generation, which is YOU! This is because we believe you have the potential to be somewhere bigger and greater than we are. Being boutique means you have access to both the common and specialised knowledge and skills of the team. And being in Legacy means the work you do have positive spillover effect that permeates society and transcends time.

Why Join Us

Personalised Learning

There will be customized learning paths through close mentoring relationship with Legacy.

Relationship goes above and beyond work as the entire team is genuniely concerned and wants to be more involved in your life unlike other traditional companies. There are ample resources and opportunities for you to tap on. We are just waiting for you to make your first move.

No Sales Target

There is empowerment in your work as there are no such things as sales targets to reach. We don't determine your goal for you; the only goal that you need to hit is to be a better and stronger person than you were yesterday.

You set your own goals and the ownership is on you to become an even more determined and tenacious person.

Pacemakers and Cheerleaders

While you are striving hard and fast to attain your goals, remember the entire team will be behind you. Your friends will be the pacemakers and your boss will be your cheerleader.

Providing Business Solutions

Due to our wealth of experience and competency in corporate insurance, majority of our clientle comes from SMEs and big corporations.

We have the knowledge and capabilities to plan and provide comprehensive business solutions for them, allowing their businesses to grow and prosper. Why limit yourself to the small fish in the pond when we can expose you to the big players in all industries?

Ricky Peh
  • Legacy Director

    "Things you never imagined you could, we make it happen."

    I was once in your position, not knowing what I wanted to do with my life when I was young. I chose the traditional and safe route, made comfortable and convenient decisions, but deep inside I was unhappy. Things became too familiar, routine and non-challenging. I continued to give it my all but despite my good performance, I stayed stagnant at my position for 2 years due to a strong hierarchical culture at my previous company. Change was very much needed.

  • I had an epiphany and wanted to find out more about the financial services industry. After knowing more about it, I discovered that this was a career where I could constantly challenge myself while making a difference to people's lives. I was determined to provide the best experience for my customers and hence, i took the plunge and resigned from the IT industry.

    I believe in positive management. When people are happy, they can perform and do things that they can never imagine. With a happy and willing mind, the results and accomplishments just come naturally. It will be a positive feedback loop. This doesn't mean that we are immune to the downtimes. Rather, it is about creating the courage to face that challenge and I'll always be here to tide my team through any tough times.